Hester Fleming Vintage

Sourcing Vintage Treasures for the Modern Woman


The rapid evolution of design throughout the 20th century, is such an amazing foundation for contemporary jewellery and accessories today. It's no wonder we're always looking back.   There are so many benefits to building a fantastic collection of vintage jewellery and accessories.

Firstly, to classify a piece as 'Vintage', it must be at least 20 years old. 

Secondly, it takes time and patience to work out what style of vintage you feel comfortable in. Are you  a lover of the Deco period?  Does the easy 70s bohemian vibe match your nature? Or, are you attracted to the formality of the 50s, to compliment your contemporary wear?

Vintage can be considered affordable luxury, however you shouldn't expect bargain basement prices. Many pieces produced throughout the 20th century, have stood the test of time due to the high level of craftsmanship and materials.  

We should embrace purchasing vintage with lots of enthusiasm, as it's an highly ethical and sustainable practice. We need to look after our planet and I believe the demand for good quality vintage is only going to grow as consumers become more aware of the implications of waste.  

Around the world, there is an abundance of vintage flea markets to travel to. I spent five years living in London and another five, living in New York. Both cities have fantastic markets with an unspeakable amount of vintage to indulge in. The secret is knowing where to go and when.  Over 2016, I wrote a guide to buying Vintage Jewellery and Accessories, with a comprehensive shopping directory for New York vintage. You can find out more here. I also regularly offer lots of vintage shopping location tips, collection additions and style advice through my email newsletter, which you can subscribe to here

The Australian vintage scene is just as exciting. I've been based in Sydney for approximately 18 months and I have loved exploring the scene here. The Sydney Collectors Fair at Wentworth Park, on the first Sunday of every month, is amazing. An untapped resource for the well travelled millennial generation. Events such as Round She Goes, hosted in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, is also a great opportunity to shop wonderful pieces from the 20th century.  It can feel like more effort, but being part of the vintage buying community can be enormously rewarding, a great talking point and a very stylish statement.

Hester Fleming