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Vintage Style Seeker: Sarah Watkins of Lucalia Photography

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Last week I interviewed vintage enthusiast Sarah Watkins of Lucalia Photography. I’ve known Sarah since we met in the year 2000, during our GAP year in the UK. We’ve stayed in touch and it’s always been a pleasure sharing a common interest in travel, vintage and design. Sarah was also my wedding photographer! She is currently based in New Zealand, where she has launched her business specialising in wedding photography and family portraits.

Below is a recent photo of Sarah and her husband Ben, attending a wedding. Wouldn’t you agree, she looks amazing in her striking vintage 1980s necklace, by costume jeweller Napier. I originally found this piece at the Chelsea Flea Market in New York, a few years ago. Keep reading below to find out why Sarah likes vintage and how she incorporates it into her daily style.


Why do you love vintage?

I love items in general that have a story and history; as opposed to the plastic, throw-away items of today. I love it that we can continue the story of a piece by wearing it with meaning and care. The environmental benefits of recycling come into it too, but I just love the aesthetics as well.

What attracted you to your favourite piece of vintage?

My favourite piece of vintage is this early 80s, Napier Necklace. I love the bold design, the versatility of black and the classic combination of black and gold. It's really easy to wear with a black scoop necked knit; or to dress it up with a silk cocktail dress. I've even wore it to a wedding as a guest!

How often do you wear a piece of vintage?

Most work days. I love my earrings and long necklaces!

Do you have a local vintage market you like to visit?

My husband and I have just moved to New Zealand and haven't had a chance to explore the vintage markets yet (plenty of fresh produce markets though!). I'd love to visit the The Newtown Vintage Market in Wellington on a spare Saturday soon.

Do you have any wish list pieces of vintage you’re seeking?

I'm looking to expand my vintage earring collection, but don't like clip ons. Any advice in this area would be gratefully received!

Sarah, I’d like to change your mind about vintage clip ons. There is an abundance of mid century retro options available. Beautifully designed by the iconic costume jewellers, and if attached properly, you shouldn’t have a problem. Next time we catch up, we’ll sort this out! For those of you reading this and keen to see a few vintage clip on options, check out my collection here.