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Recipe: Afternoon Tea Sponge Cake

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A classic afternoon tea sponge cake.

A classic afternoon tea sponge cake.

Here’s a very simple recipe for a classic afternoon tea sponge cake I grew up with, and my 5 year old currently loves!


6 eggs

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of flour

Kitchen Tools:

1 x Large Mixing Bowl

1 x Sifter

1 x Stand Mixer (such as a kitchenaid)

1 x Measuring Jug (1 cup)

1 x Large Spoon

1 x Large Round Cake Tin (26cm)


  • Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees celsius

  • Crack the 6 eggs into a large mixing bowl.

  • By using a sifter, add the sugar to the eggs.

  • Set the stand mixer on a high and beat the eggs and sugar, until the mixture has risen to at least 3/4 of the bowl height. The colour and texture of the mixture should look light and fluffy. While the mixer is on, grease the cake tin.

  • Lift the bowl away from the mixer, and with a large spoon, fold one cup of sifted plain flour into the egg and sugar mix. Tip: Make sure to fold the flour in one direction only.

  • Once you’re confident the flour has been folded into the cake mixture, pour the contents into the greased cake tin. Then sprinkle some sugar on the top of the cake and place in your pre-heated oven for approximately 55 minutes.

  • Once cooked, the top of the cake should have a lovely sugary crust. Cool for approximately half an hour before eating. This cake tastes amazing the next day!