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Book Review: Gemologue by Liza Urla

Vintage Inspiration, Vintage Jewellery, Vintage Style SeekerHester Fleming

I am so excited to be in possession of Liza Urla’s, Gemologue. A guide to street jewellery styles and jewellery styling tips. I purchased it after finding Gemologue on instagram. I was immediately captivated by Liza’s visual diary of what inspires her in the world of jewellery.


Liza doesn’t have a particular era she’s interested in. She covers everything from antique pieces to contemporary collections. The feature of this book is the jewellery photography, however it’s also the thought provoking nature of each photograph that makes you want to pick this book up again and again.


Each styling tip explains why a particular piece of jewellery is interesting and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. Liza even suggests you push a few boundaries with your jewellery style. Such as mixing metals and combining fine jewellery with costume jewellery.

The feeling I experience when I read this book, is that you could be anywhere in the world to enjoy it. Not just wish you were in the big metropolitan cities, such as London, New York or Paris to practise what she preaches. Liza is so good at making the reader feel like jewellery is accessible on every level.


Lisa Erla’s Gemologue is fun, it’s fresh and it gives you a wonderful insight into how she feels about jewellery. She also emphasises how important jewellery design is to society today and yesterday. I highly recommend you have a copy of this book too! You can purchase through booktopia here.

Gemologue was published in May 2018 by ACC Art Books.